MCWA meets
the 1st Tuesday of every month.

Crystal Lake Bank (& Trust Co N.A.)
5100 Northwest Hwy (Rt.14)
Crystal Lake, IL 60014

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McHenry County Wireless Association

New Meeting Location since September 4, 2012

with new Start Time of 6:30p.m. for gathering & 7 p.m.
for the meeting to start.

Crystal Lake Bank (& Trust Co N.A.)
5100 Northwest Hwy (Rt.14)
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Enter from rear parking lot.
Turn left for stairs or elevator go to basement.

View our new MCWA name & callsign badge

Badges can be ordered by contacting, Ken, KB9I

Ham Speak

What is Amateur Radio?

We Do That Radio

Per FCC Records and KK9DX the following persons are not allowed to use the KK9DX repeater with present and or future call signs:
Robert M. Abraham W9RCM
Andrew T Sylthe KC9ONA
Ray Kelly ex K1MBE
N9ROB club call
KD9BKM club call

Please read the Repeater Etiquette Link below to make sure you don't get added to that list.

Repeater Etiquette - a must read

2015 Officers
President: Kent Dulaney, K9KMD
Vice-President: Dave Cooper, KA9OZP
Treasurer: Dave Cox, N9ITE
Secretary: Roger Scott, KF9D

Send your membership checks to:
David Cox II
PO Box 1742
Woodstock IL 60098

Congratulations to W9CA for 2nd Place Overall in Field Day 2010, complete article in pdf available here!

K9BBQ's Field Day from Bicycle Mobile - watch him work K9ESV and W9CA

MCWA is not a repeater club, or DX club, or VHF club. It is a HAM Radio club that is here for sharing information and helping others.

Everyone is welcome! You don't have to be a member to attend our meetings. You may want to become a member to support the club after you have attended a few times and made some new friends. Membership is currently $10.00 per annum, for only this our 35th year.

Newsletter - MCWA publishes a terrific newsletter currently edited by Jerry, N9AVY. You are encouraged to submit articles to Jerry for publication. Let's let the editor/publisher do just that and not have to be the reporter(s) also.

Talk-In - 145.410 -600 PL 107.2 for talk-in to the meetings. This repeater is not owned, but is supported by most MCWA members and other fine hams around the county. You will find a terrific bunch of individuals with different groups of people using the repeater at different times of the day. Be sure and check in on Sunday nights for the RAIN Report followed by Radio - Tradio. For other repeaters in the area, follow this link.

We would love for you to share your talents with us by giving a program. You can talk about your antenna farm, ham shack, DXpedition, mobile installation, radio rebuilds, or whatever you enjoy about the hobby. There are so many facets of this hobby to share with others. People need to learn what else is out there for their enjoyment.

We have a library - you are welcome to take a book home to return next month.

Newsgroup - for current or updated information between meetings you can sign up for our Yahoo newsgroup - K9RN at
We ask that you sign up with your name and callsign. You do not have to be a member of MCWA to join. Membership is at the discretion of the moderator.

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